Dance and Music

Music is the essence the life. The universe is running in one of the rhythm (Lay) and in our tune. It is said that Swabda or sound in Brahma (the creator) and sound (Brahma Baad) was the reason of creation of our universe. We can easily relate to the Big Bang theory. In Ancient age, the medium of education was music. For example, chanting of shloka are hymn in the rhythm and tune. The disciple of early gurus(saints) used to utter and resemble in a rythmic and musical way. So music can be a great way to educate students and music has an immense positive effect in the minds of the people. Music can be used as a process of teaching and learning process and for the better mental growth of the students.

In Air Force School Jorhat, we have a well- equipped Music laboratory following the CBSE norms. Our school gives our students great opportunities to learn extra- curricular activities and perform and participate in every possible occasion. In our Music lab, we have maximum western and Indian classical and Folk instruments. Our students are play guitar( electric and acoustic) , drums( octapad ), Congo, keyboards, tabla, harmonium, marcus and many percussion instruments.

We believe that extra curricular activities is a very effective tool for over all development of a child. So we in Air Force school assure that the child is the prime and pride of our school so they are treated and nourished up to the full extent.

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